In Spain, there’s a big tradition of going to bars for lunch and dinner. Many people have dinner in a bar every day. This is possible because traditional bars are quite cheap and they serve tapas, which means when you order a drink, mostly a beer or a soda, you can get a small portion of some type of food with it. Oftentimes you can be full eating just two or three tapas.

Some bars are cheaper than others. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, we recommend you don’t go to the ones that look really modern or are really centric. Usually, those are the most expensive ones.


Some of the most popular bars in Malaga

Here is a list of the most famous bars in Málaga. But these are just a few, so feel free to explore our city and find your favorite one!

  • Lo Güeno (map)
  • El Tapeo de Cervantes (map)
  • D’Cuadros (map)
  • Chopp (map)
  • Raff (map)


Nightlife in Málaga

Since Málaga is a city with lots of students, it has lots of nightlife. You can just go to a bar to drink or also find the nearest club and dance all night.

In Plaza de la Merced (map) you’ll find lots of bars where young people go to have a drink and meet up. If you also want to go clubbing, there are many discos in the city.

Some of the most popular clubs

There are many more than those we’ve listed, but these are where most people go.

Some areas where nightlife is very active are:

  • Mitjana Square – City Center (map)
    This is around where the clubs listed are. Most of Málaga nightlife goes on here, with bars and clubs really close to one another. Bus stops are near, and it is relatively easy to leave once you’re tired.
    Malafama is one of the most famous pubs in Málaga.
  • La Malagueta – Muelle 1 (map)
    The area near Muelle 1 is newer and more modern, but also, therefore,  a little exclusive. You’ll still find bars and restaurants, just more expensive.
  • El Palo – Pedregalejo (map)
    El Palo is a more cosmopolitan area. Many foreigners go to school in this area and the atmosphere is international. There is a wide range of places to have a great time and see another side of Málaga.