Before coming to Spain, you should send our “Lodging Note” to book your room.

If you choose to, accommodation will be arranged for you before you arrive in Málaga. We will start the process after you send us the “Lodging Note”.

Most trainees will be housed in student’s flats. Living in a shared flat is an opportunity for students to meet new people and get in touch with our culture. You must always be tolerant and sensitive to the people you live.

There are a couple of options. IAESTE offers individual rooms or double rooms in Malaga. Students who share a flat will also share the kitchen, bathroom and living room. If you rent a room, you’ll be the one responsible for all the household tasks, like cooking, cleaning, and taking care of it in general. The apartments in which the rooms are will be furnished and usually have access to a washing machine. WiFi will also be available, and a TV.

The rooms aren’t luxurious, they’re the typical student room in our city.

The water, electricity and internet bills are sometimes included in the price, it varies between places.

When you’re accepted into the company, IAESTE Incoming Málaga will send you an e-mail regarding your accommodation including the “Lodging Note“, and you can ask as many questions as you need.